Porch Ramblings

In the South, front porches are for snapping beans and shucking corn. For rocking fussy babies, peaceful morning coffees and swinging your way into an afternoon rainstorm. A place where sacred secrets are shared, bonds formed and breakups, too. Guitars are played, sweet memories relived and new ones are made. Nowadays I live in a … More Porch Ramblings

Hopeful Waiting

I do not like waiting. Naturally I’m the type to go after what I want, when I want it… which is usually immediately. I know waiting has its purpose, but of course to me and my limited perspective it rarely seems necessary. That is ridiculous to say out loud since I’m a firm believer that God … More Hopeful Waiting

Teaching Kindness

“We rise by lifting others” – Robert Ingersoll As a family, I want to be known for our kindness. Not because we have a reputation to uphold, but because it’s the one thing that really matters in this life. That being said, there is nothing like watching my 3 and 1.5 year old brawl to … More Teaching Kindness