Carson’s 1st Birthday Party!

Our sweet baby Carson turned ONE last week! The days may feel long sometimes but when a whole year goes by as fast as this one did, I can’t help but pause and reflect on just how precious each moment is. Even the simple days seem to become such treasured memories in retrospect. Nothing like some good reflecting time to encourage me to be more present with my sweet babies.

For the celebration, I threw him a little safari themed pool party. I swore to my husband that this was a super low-key get together, not a “baby wedding” as he calls the typical first birthday party. And I almost fooled him… but when he saw me making mini party hats for the safari animals he caught on. Whoops. I just couldn’t resist when I saw a DIY tutorial (below) for the mini gold animal cupcake toppers. I still think they are my fave DIY ever. Some party details and tips are below … super simple decor, and minimal $ spent! Enjoy 🙂


Who doesn’t love mini gold animals in party hats? This one is my version, but the original DIY instructions can be found here


This guy greeted our guests at the front. We already had him, but snagged the chalkboard for $5 at Target
In love with this fruit “tree”, my MIL is amazing. Rigged up a stand with a piece of a PVC pipe and a block of wood for the base that went through the middle of the pineapples, and we used some thin wire to hold the leaves in the top
Food display – the cardboard letters can be bought at any craft store (example), and spray painted. Also, note the bounce house through the window. Amazon prime is the way to go. Purchased this one for just a few dollars more than we would have spent to rent one, and I have a feeling it’ll be one of the best investments we’ve made!
Monkeys with little Velcro hands for the party favors. Bought for $1 each at the dollar store! The kids LOVED picking out their own to adopt
TIP: Publix gives you a free smash cake along with any cake purchase if it’s for a first birthday. And for those of you who don’t know… they make AMAZING cake. I was so surprised at how delicious this was! Buttercream filling with vanilla and chocolate cake inside. Had these rubber animals around the house so they got their own party hats too 🙂
Carson approved 🙂
Photo banner of Carson’s monthly pictures hung with burlap string and mini clothes pins, accessorized with gold glitter number stickers. ALSO, note the sangria and coffee (the essentials) table in the back… I highly recommend Costco brand pre-made sangria. SO easy, just add fresh fruit and some sparkling water to fake it as homemade. I know, not very Southern of me. But it WAS a party fave!


We had such a great time with close friends and family, and I hope Carson felt doted on and adored! He sure is loved!

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